The Perfect Caravan for Retirement

motorhomes for sale for retired couple

You’ve spent the majority of your life working hard for your family. From long days at the office to missing out on hobbies, trips and adventures, retirement is the time to make up for your sacrifices. Whether you’ve always dreamed of road tripping across Australia or want the freedom to adventure wherever you want when inspiration strikes, set yourself up for success by investing in a state-of-the-art lifestyle motorhome or caravan. With all the amenities and comforts of home, a motorhome or caravan is ideal for making the most of your retirement. Live an adventurous lifestyle and journey on your own terms with a motorhome or caravan from Jayco Caravanland.

A Piece of Home Wherever You Go

From full kitchens and ample equipment storage to compact and minimal designs, Jayco Caravanland has a style to suit all types of travellers.


Compact yet packed with a kitchenette and bathroom, a caravan is the way to go for convenience, comfort and style. Easy to manoeuvre and ideal for adventures of any length, pack up and go in your caravan.


The ultimate home on wheels, our motorhomes are spacious and expansive to provide you with the full comforts of home. With luxury features, including bathrooms and kitchens, you’ll never miss out in a motorhome.


Lightweight and easy to tow with the average sedan, the J-Pod provides you with comfort, simplicity and flexibility. If you’re not ready for a full size motorhome but you want a space to sleep comfortably and in style, the J-Pod is for you.

Pop Tops

Combining the living space of a large RV with the towing convenience of a small and compact RV, the Jayco Pop Top allows you to lift and lower the roof for maximum convenience. Fully featured with kitchens, bedding and living areas, pop tops allow you to pack up and go in a heartbeat.

Camper Trailers

The ideal first van, camper trailers are easy to tow and simple to set up. Providing maximum living, sleeping and comfort space, camper trailers can be designed to sleep up to eight people. Couples and larger families find camper trailers perfect for road trips and weekends away.


The locally developed Jayco Expanda sets the benchmark for quality and convenience. Compact and easy to tow, the Expanda is a perfect hybrid of a starter RV and traditional caravan or pop top. Packed with features, including comfy beds, kitchenettes and appliances, you can take your Expanda anywhere.


Travel a little more rugged with a vehicle made to keep up. The All-Terrain Range is ideal for journeys that stretch beyond the bitumen. Designed for off-road adventures, the All-Terrain is equipped for extended travel and purpose built for rougher terrain. Enjoy the ultimate in freedom and bring your home off-road.

Live the Caravan Lifestyle

Ready to enjoy your retirement? Embark on an adventure whenever suits you with a caravan, camper trailer or motorhome from Jayco Caravanland. Find out more about our full range and get expert advice on the ideal option for you. Contact us on (08) 9311 7333.