The Best Way to Travel with a Big Family

motorhomes for big families

Heard the one about the family of six who flew every year from Perth to Esperance for Christmas? Neither have we – probably because synchronising six individuals, masses of luggage, double-roomed hotel stays and a series of maxi taxis is a logistical nightmare. Then there’s the breathtaking cost! The fact is that big families do have holidays and extraordinarily good ones at that, so how do they do it? The smart way – on a budget-beating, family-friendly road trip in a caravan from Perth’s Caravanland. We ensure that there’s tonnes of room to move in a caravan. Storage is plentiful. Appliances are modern, finishes are streamlined and made tough. Add caravan accessories like an external shower, high-gain satellite dish and a bike/kayak rack and you have a comfortable, affordable trip just waiting to happen!

A pleasure to snooze

Sleeping up to six soundly is too easy with a caravan from Caravanland. We are Perth’s caravan experts for a reason. Our 17 – 24 foot caravans are built for families, roomy enough to house dedicated beds plus comfy beds that close up into a couch when it’s time for the next round of board games. Need to see it to believe it? Then come on in to Caravanland and stretch out in a display model. The Jayco Journey and Swan are our most popular family vans, but we also have many others on show. To book an inspection time, please call us or book a time online.

Endless Entertainment for the Kids

Ever tried keeping kids amused on a plane? Even inflight entertainment is dull when you have to strap in, facing the one direction for hours. In a caravan from Perth’s Caravanland, wherever you’ve decided to stay for the night other travellers are in holiday mode and are more easy-going. Gatherings can pop up for no reason at all! Exploration beckons with surrounding scenery, bushland, beaches and township attractions – right down to a fun park, these days in just about every tourist park. Bikes and kayaks aren’t even an obstacle. Whichever Jayco caravan you choose, Caravanland can delve into the caravan accessories range and add purpose-built racks for easy loading and unloading. And although our caravans have the connections to recharge your devices, most kids forget they need them once the outdoors beckon and new friends are made.

Customise not compromise

When we see a big family – we see a huge opportunity to get it right, first time. So the best way to finalise your caravan dream is to customise a design or add a caravan accessory. Our team of experts welcome your input! Popular alterations include an external BBQ, bike racks and even a satellite dish to keep you in touch with everyone’s favourite game of footy or reality program. Open road holidaying is where travel doesn’t have to cost the earth, where great friendships are formed, where nature is your best friend and comfort isn’t compromised. If this is the holiday life you’ve been dreaming of, Caravanland, Perth’s caravan experts, would love to help set that dream in motion. Book an inspection of our recreational vehicles today or just give us a call.