7 Ways To Stretch Your Budget On Your Next Caravan Trip


Taking the family out on a trip, even a short weekend getaway, can quickly add up – which is why many Australians turn to investing in a caravan as an alternative to expensive accommodation. If you’re a travel enthusiast and considering your budget for your next getaway, consider these handy tips on how to stretch your budget during it.


Before you set off on your adventure, make a budget. Consider petrol, activities, snacks and food – and this will prevent unnecessary and over-the-top spending.

Brew Your Own Coffee

We all love our morning rituals – and Australians are well-known for loving their breakfast coffee and tea. Instead of going out, consider brewing it in your caravan and starting your day with a more affordable wake-up call.

Make a Menu

Although making a menu for when you go on holiday doesn’t seem exciting, eating out is an easy expense to cut out and save on. This doesn’t mean you have to eat every meal in the caravan, but planning a few meals that require simple preparation and a few ingredients will not only be healthier, but also more affordable.

DIY Repairs

Regular caravan maintenance is the best way to prevent failure, but if you’re on the road, don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get dirty. The internet, YouTube especially, can come in handy here.

Shop Around For Insurance

Shop around when it comes to insurance. Different companies will offer different rates, but be careful as not all companies cover everything you need. For example, most insurers won’t cover you if a tree branch falls on your caravan, or for hail damage. Jayco Insurance is competitively priced, and is the most comprehensive caravan insururer in Australia. For a full list of what is covered and to read the PDS, click here. Take your time and do your research.

Petrol Planning

Petrol prices vary during the week, so with some planning, work out the ideal locations and times to fuel up.

Driving Wisely

In the technological age, we’re used to looking straight to our phones, but when it comes to routes, it also pays off to consider checking an actual map. Drive wise: travel on smaller roads; avoid hills and uneven terrain where possible; and avoid rush-hour, where speeds will be low and petrol will be guzzled.

How Caravanland Can Help You Plan Your Next Adventure

If you're looking for a caravan for sale in Perth, Caravanland offers a variety of caravans to meet the needs of a variety of adventurers. Consider the following two options, but don’t feel limited, we also offer many more!

Pop Tops

Caravans like Jayco Pop Tops. are ideal for couples and families. Whilst compact on the outside, they provide ample living space, alongside easy towing and manoeuvring due to their reduced height.


For serious adventurers, the Cross Track is the perfect solution. With an external kitchen, leading technology and an outdoor ensuite, you’ll want to be on the road all year round.

Questions? Let Us Know

If you have any questions about this article or about how Caravanland can help, don’t hesitate to contact us. We care about making each individual’s trip the best it can be, with comfort and safety as a priority. Contact us on (08) 9311 7333 for more on getting your very own caravan trailer.