Short Weekend Getaway Ideas

Feeling burnt out or exhausted from work? It could be time for a getaway. Whatever your occupation or lifestyle, the ordinary can wear away at you over time. Adventuring and traveling is one of the best ways to unwind and reset - even if it’s only a short trip.

If you’ve only got a short amount of time, make the most of your adventures by enjoying some of the hidden wonders closer to home. To make things even simpler, take your caravan trailer with you. Save on accommodation, enjoy all of your comforts and experience the convenience of stopping anywhere that catches your eye.

Learn more about some of our top short weekend getaway locations and get started on planning your trip!

Where to Go

Close to Perth, Margaret River is the ideal location for a quick getaway. Providing a beachy escape and relaxed atmosphere, feel far from the stress of home and work without having to hop on a plane.

Get a tan at the beach in the morning, enjoy some delicious coffee, surf your stress away, explore the breathtaking lifetime caves and marvel at the iconic sea cliffs. When it comes to dining and shopping, you’re spoiled for choice. Sip on craft beers, shop at local boutiques, enjoy some refined wine and - if you’re lucky - even pet the friendly winery dogs in the evening.

Perth Hills

Enjoy a change of pace by heading over to Perth Hills. Scenic and picturesque, set yourself up for a relaxing and comfortable stay by bringing your caravan trailer. Head to Lake Leschenaultia for a morning swim or canoe then enjoy a picnic or BBQ for lunch. Adventure through the fruit orchards, pick your very own fruit and even go on a guided apple orchard tour. Sample some local wines, cider and produce by following the Perth Hills and Armadale wine trails and take in the incredible views.

Moore River

One of the most stunning towns in Australia, and home to The Pinnacles in the Nambung National Park, Moore River allows you to slow down and soak up the scenery. From wandering along the beaches to discovering the extraordinary wildflower blooms in spring, Moore River is covered in adventures and incredible sights to discover.

Spend an evening stargazing at the Gravity Discovery Centre on Fridays and Saturdays and spot some incredible planets, stars and formations to top off your stay.

Adventure with Your Campervan in Perth

Jayco Beach

There’s no time like the present to head out on your next adventure. From a single weekend to a block of a few weeks, short getaways are made simple with caravan trailers and campervans. Allowing you to bring your home with you, stay anywhere you like and spend as much time as you need in your favourite places.

At Jayco Caravanland, we make it easy to head out on short adventures. With an extensive range of new and second hand caravan trailers, Airstream vans, motorhomes and campervans in Perth, we’ve got solutions to suit any requirement.

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