Save Storage Space in Your Caravan With These Pro Tips

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Are you finding it difficult to fit everything you need into your caravan? Not to worry – we understand, which is why we’ve written this guide full of space-saving solutions to help you out. Best of all, most are inexpensive.

Take the first step and give your van a makeover; you’ll be surprised at what a good de-clutter can provide!


How to Save Space and Declutter

Creating a clutter-free zone can only provide benefits for you and your family. The large majority of Australians report that clutter creates stress and anxiety in their lives. An excess of things can impact your ability to focus and relax – which is why it is so important to declutter. This is especially relevant for caravans, which already have limited space.

Not only will decluttering clear your mind and give you greater strength in your day-to-day life, but it will also provide you with more room. This room can be utilised smartly and for more important things. Most importantly, it will give you the freedom to choose what you place within it.


Follow These Tips and Watch The Size of Your Caravan Double

Use Stackable Storage Tubs

Stackable storage tubs will keep your caravan tidy and give you a lot more space to breathe. You can use them for anything, from clothes to food to childrens’ toys.


Purchase Collapsible Products

Collapsible products are great space-saving solutions. When you aren’t using them, you can put them away. Consider investing in collapsible boxes and laundry hampers, as well as clotheshorses and ironing boards.


Purchase Nesting Bowls and Measuring Spoons

Useful for cooking and baking, but also for stacking, nesting bowls and measuring spoons will save space but also come in handy.


Invest in Hooks

When you hang items from walls, it means they won’t have to take up space elsewhere – providing you with more room whilst also making it easier to find them. Hooks, clips and suction cups are all useful when you’re low on space.


Avoid Over-Packing

In a caravan, your space is limited. Understand that and aim to make the most of your space by packing and storing only the things you definitely use and need. Avoid packing things that you don’t use, as this will only lead to clutter.

A great way to avoid overpacking is by creating a list of things you need and should bring with you.


Try Hanging Shoe Racks

Hanging shoe racks aren’t just for shoes; they can be used to store a variety of goods! Think outside the box - consider using them for fruit and vegetables, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.


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