Must-Have Caravan Supplies and Accessories


Before you go away on your first trip, it is essential to have a few supplies and accessories with you. In this article, we’ll explore which equipment is absolutely a must-have for your caravan.

Toilet Chemicals

Whilst not glamorous, toilet chemicals are essential for a caravan. They flush the toilet, break down waste and help eliminate odours.

Spirit Level

Ensure your caravan is level with a spirit level because your fridge won’t operate correctly if it isn’t!

Fresh Water Containers

A fresh water container may be more expensive than a small white container, but it has a larger capacity and as such means you don’t have to carry water. It is used to feed your taps and showers.

Waste Water Carrier

The carrier stores the waste water, also known as greywater, collected from your sink and shower. The best ones come on wheels, making them easier to carry.

Leisure Battery

A leisure battery powers the fridge and lighting. Take care, as it differs from a car battery, and using a battery that wasn’t specifically designed for use on a caravan can significantly damage your 12V system. Leisure batteries come in two sizes: 85ah and 110ah.

Gas Bottle

The gas bottle powers several main functions of a caravan, including the oven, fridge, and heating system. Most caravans have enough space to carry two gas bottles. Whilst choosing a bottle, check which is best suited to your caravan: propane or butane.

Towing Mirrors

If your caravan is wider than your car, you will need towing mirrors for safety. These mirrors secure to your car door’s mirrors and extend your line of vision.

Caravan Steps

All caravans should have a step. Although most new caravans come with one, used ones often don’t. If that’s the case, you can choose from folding steel steps, double steps, metal steps that don’t fold, alongside steps that offer storage for small items.

Winding Handle

You’ll need a step to get inside your caravan, and you’ll need a winding handle to stop your caravan tipping towards the ground when you walk inside it.

Number Plate

A number plate for the back of your caravan is a legal requirement.

Main Cables

New caravans come with main cables, however, many used caravans often do not. Most are 25m long.

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