Here's What To Do Before Your Next Big Outdoor Adventure

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Before heading on your next adventure, it’s important to make sure your caravan is being properly maintained. Ensure that you’re paying attention not only to repairs, but also to easy to miss things, such as mould and mildew. Keep on reading for our tips on how to best check your caravan before your next big outdoor adventure.


Easy to Miss Things You Don't Want to Miss

In our busy lives, there are many things which can be easy to miss. In the case of caravan trips, this also holds true.


Mould and Mildew

If your caravan has a musty odour, it is likely mould or mildew, spores which release into the atmosphere. They are toxins, which are bad for your body and affect the air that you breathe.

Both mould and mildew thrive in warm humid environments, favouring bathroom walls and ceilings. They grow from moisture, which in a caravan may be caused by spills, leaks, overflows or condensation. This is a good thing – as it means by eliminating moisture from your caravan, the chances of mould and mildew are diminished. You can do so by actively airing out your home, cleaning up spills and regularly inspecting for leaks.

Once your caravan has been cleaned, you can confidently take it on a trip.


A Checklist to Ensure Your Caravan is Road Worthy

There’s nothing worse than being stranded whilst on a trip, which is why it pays off to ensure your caravan is roadworthy before you go on your next adventure. Here’s a short checklist to consider the next time you do your check.


Loading the Caravan

If you load your caravan properly, it will tow well. To do so, consider the following steps:

  • Wrap breakables in towels and newspapers.
  • Store food, equipment and tools you will definitely need soon in an easy to reach area.
  • Try not to carry unnecessary items, such as large quantities of water, as this will add extra weight to your caravan.
  • Ensure your caravan is properly balanced, with an appropriate amount of weight on each side.


Load Levelling Devices

Load levelling devices distribute the load between the axles of the tow vehicle, increasing stability when driving. Before fitting a load levelling device, you should seek an expert opinion.


Extension Mirrors

External rear vision extension mirrors are required if you are towing a caravan but are unable to see the cars behind you on either side.


A Final Check

Before heading out, ensure that everything is safely locked down, stowed away and all mechanical aspects of the van are in working order.

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