Experience Australia Wildlife with Comforts of Home

Australia is home to a huge range of unique and exotic wildlife. With such varied climates, from tropical weather up in the north to cool and crisp temperatures in the south, Australia offers an abundance of creatures to be discovered and observed. Gearing up to go on an adventure? Journey through Australia to all of your top wildlife destinations with the comfort of home. Pick up a motorhome in Perth to get started on your once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Where to Go

Daintree Rainforest

Luscious, abundant and sprawling, the Daintree Rainforest contains some of the country’s most exotic wildlife. Spot a diverse range of bats, butterflies, reptiles and marsupials as you wander down tracks and up hills.


Situated right at the top of Australia, Darwin is home to some incredible sights. From mesmerising national parks to vast, iconic scenes of Australian outback, take in life on the top end. You’ll even manage to see a real crocodile or two in the wild by adventuring on a lake tour.

Kangaroo Island

Home to our country’s mascot, Kangaroo Island also hosts countless wallabies, koalas, seals and goannas – the perfect adventure spot for wildlife lovers.


Willowbrook Farm Caravan Park

An hour out of Perth, Willowbrook Farm Caravan Park is a pet-friendly park with 40-acres of lush greenery. Home to a huge range of animals, get up and close with Texas Longhorns, Belted Galloways, sheep, lambs, geese, chickens, guinea fowl and the friendly resident dog Tarla.

The Great Ocean Road

Australia’s most famous scenic drive, the Great Ocean Road is home to incredible coastal views. With a number of lookout spots dotted along the road, you can often spot kangaroos, koalas and wombats passing by.


Tasmania is quickly becoming a hub for culture, arts, entertainment and adventure. Journey down to Tassie, unwind in tranquil parks and get up close with platypus, wombats, pygmy possums and more.


More of an adventurer? Kimberley could be the place for you. With an arid landscape, Kimberley offers stunning views and the chance to wander amongst exotic reptiles, native Australian wildlife and a plethora of beautiful birds.

Cape Le Grand National Park

On the southern end of WA, Cape Le Grand National Park offers sun, surf and crystal clear waters. Explore one of the many trails and take in the scenery along a coastal walk.


Rottnest Island, just off the coast of Perth, is home to one of the world’s happiest little animals. Famous for their smiles and fun-loving nature, experience quokkas up and close and maybe even capture a photo with one.


Offering picturesque views right out onto the Indian Ocean, Exmouth is the perfect place to relax, explore and spot some whale sharks in their natural habitat. Situated along Australia’s west coast, this town’s beauty is worth the trip.

Adventure with Off Road Motorhomes in Australia

Throughout your journeys, you’ll find that not all places offer accommodation close by. If you want to stay in the heart of the action, it’s best to bring your own. With all of the comforts of home, a motorhome provides you with your very own bed and living space to relax and unwind after a day of exploration. At Jayco Caravanland, we stock an extensive range of motorhomes in Perth. Ideal for adventurers, our motorhomes allow you to travel your way without compromising on comfort and style. Contact us on (08) 9311 7333 for more on our range.

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