Eat What You Want, Where You Want It

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From regional rural towns to isolated coastal spots, finding a delicious meal can be challenging on road trips and adventures. If you could travel anywhere and cook all of your favourites to perfection, why wouldn’t you? That’s where motorhomes, pop tops and caravans come in. With a fully featured caravan, you can eat whatever you want wherever you want it. Prepare your food exactly how you like it and enjoy all of the comforts of home cooking while you’re on the road. Learn more about cooking your favourite meals, treats and desserts in a feature-packed caravan or motorhome from Jayco Caravanland.

Cooking in a Fully Featured Caravan

Cooking in a caravan doesn’t mean cramped spaces or second-grade appliances. With quality caravans and motorhomes at Jayco Caravanland, you’re treated to a selection of features to make cooking stress-free, easy and delicious. From quality cooktops and stoves to powerful microwaves and fridges, our caravans and motorhomes are made for home-cooking. Plus, you’ve got a range of both internal and external seating options to complete your dining experience.


Ever spent hours wandering or driving through towns to find somewhere good to eat? Don’t settle for service station sandwiches and pies – make your own delicious meals from the comfort of your caravan. Packed full of appliances, features and functionality, caravans and motorhomes bring the convenience of your kitchen out onto the road. From delicious, syrup-covered pancakes at the crack of dawn to a warm and hearty curry for dinner, you can bring your favourite meals to life.


Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice the quality of your kitchen. Forget meals that end up cold in the centre or appliances that take forever to start working. With the range of campervans and motorhomes from Jayco Caravanland, you can be assured that your kitchen is prepped and ready to take on any cooking challenge. From warming up last night’s leftovers to creating a gourmet soup, your caravan’s kitchen can do it all. Plus, store all your leftovers and favourite ingredients in your 3 way fridge to keep them nice and fresh.


Don’t go without the little luxuries that make cooking special. With enough storage options to please even the fussiest chefs, you can bring a selection of ingredients, herbs and spices with you to perfect your meals. From storing veggies and produce in your fridge to keeping pantry items in cool and dark spots, your caravan or motorhome kitchen is fully equipped to make cooking simple. Add dashes of sauce, sprinkles of seasoning and delicate garnishes to your home-cooked meals to bring them to the next level.

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There’s something special about bonding with family and friends while you’re on an adventure. From sharing a beer outside to playing classic card games while your food is cooking, caravan and motorhome meals are best enjoyed together. At Jayco Caravanland, cooking is made simple with our motorhomes and caravans. Packed with quality appliances, ample storage space and full functionality, you can enjoy all of your favourite meals on the go. Find out more about our motorhome, pop top and caravan kitchens. Contact us on (08) 9311 7333.