Caravan Dealers Reveal Our Top Tips When Buying Used Caravans

buying used caravans

We all want to take our families on adventures, and caravans offer an achievable way to do this. However, many of us feel the pressure of a budget. No need to fret, it’s possible to stay within budget and purchase your ideal caravan. Continue reading for our advice on what you should look out for when buying a used caravan.


Identify Your Needs

Buying a used caravan can be risky – not only if you end up with a risky seller, but also if you choose a caravan that doesn’t accurately meet your needs. Before you begin your search, sit down and assess your needs. Consider the following questions.
  • How will you be using your caravan?
  • How long will your journeys take? Are you going on short journeys or long adventures?
  • Where will you be going?
  • What needs do you and your family have? Do you need a certain amount of space?

Select a Budget

Before you start your search, decide on a budget. Use the aforementioned questions to guide you.


Where to Search

There are a variety of places you can search – auction houses to individual sellers to dealers. Our top tip for finding a seller? Check their online reviews and ask plenty of questions. You want someone reliable.


The Viewing

You’ve found The One – or at least what appears to be the one! Here’s our advice on what to do next.


Ask Questions

Go into the viewing with a notepad and paper and don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions. Here are a few you should definitely ask:
  • How old is the van?
  • What is its history? Enquire about documentation proving this, such as ownership history and previous services.
  • Has it been used/stored undercover or outside?

Carefully Inspect

Here are various factors to keep in mind when inspecting the caravan:
  • Is there any rust?
  • Are there dents and scratches? Are there cracks in the chassis?
  • Do the parts move freely? Consider the doors, windows and tow hitch.
  • What is the condition of the tyres?
  • Does everything look as it should? Is there a paint job that may be concealing something else?
  • Is there interior water damage?
  • Are the interior parts – smoke detector, fridge, microwave, stove – working?
  • Do the lights and water services operate?
Whilst this is not a comprehensive list, it will get you started. Although not all aspects of the van may be in tip-top condition, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth your time. It may simply need some work.


Is It Stolen?

The biggest mistake you could make is buying a stolen van. Tell-tale signs of a stolen van include removed security devices and lack of receipts showing ownership history. In this case, it’s better to be safe than sorry – and if the van is suspiciously cheap, there may be a reason behind that.


Choose Caravanland for Your Next Adventure!

Purchasing a used caravan can be a great way to both stay within budget and invest in your next adventure! All second-hand caravans sold at Caravanland are workshop tested and guaranteed, and include a free PPSR check. You will also receive a free handover session to learn how to use your van, something you most likely won’t receive when buying privately.

If you have any questions about this article or Caravanland, we are here to help. We care about making each individual’s trip the best it can be, with comfort and safety as a priority in all our caravans, both used and new. Contact us on (08) 9311 7333 for more on getting your very own second hand or new caravan trailer.