The Best Way for a Young Couple to Travel

Caravans for sale for young couple perth

A flying carpet? Not invented yet. A private Learjet? Sure, if you’re a millionaire! Today, the absolute best way for young couples to travel the wide green and brown delights of Australia is with Jayco’s pocket-sized J-Pod from Caravanland, Perth’s caravan sales expert. The secret’s definitely out as Millennials rediscover what their parents, and their parents before them, knew all along – that the best discoveries are made in your own country. And now in a J-Pod, easily the most affordable caravan on the market today, it’s a perfect choice for couples who love to travel light and far!

Jayco JPOD Trailer

J-Pod envy!

Your J-Pod will turn heads for sure but the most impressive sight is what’s inside this little gem. A totally comfy inner-spring mattress will have you snoozing comfortably night after night, as you both gaze up at the stars via two double-glazed tinted windows. There’s even an attachable tent section to immediately give yourselves two rooms to relax in. Deceptively spacious, the J-Pod has your storage sorted with under-bed storage, shelves with netting and a multi-use cupboard. And if your mind’s just about off and running already with holiday life in a J-Pod, seal the deal with its lightweight portability. Envious fellow campers will watch on while your J-Pod goes from camp mode to travel mode in five minutes flat. You’ll be off sightseeing before they’ve lowered their pop top!

JPOD Interior

The J-Pod can even go off-road

A huge advantage to owning a J-Pod is that because it’s lightweight, you can dispense with owning a larger 4WD or All Wheel Drive vehicle. An average sedan is perfectly suited to towing the J-Pod, and that’s even if you add a bike or kayak up top on the Touring and Sports models. If exploring the harsher terrain of Australia is a must-do for your getaway, you’re still a J-Pod contender. Upscale to the off-road model and even more of the countryside is yours to explore without losing any of the compact, lightweight features. To prove once and for all that great things do come in small packages, take a look at how the J-Pod easily slips away into storage ready for its next getaway. Measuring just over four metres long and under two metres wide, it will slip into a spare garage space, beside the house or in a small courtyard.

A less excessive price tag

Baby Boomers (and their famed taste for excess) have given birth to a younger generation that desires to simplify life and live in a more ingenious way. That’s why the J-Pod appeals to them. That and a price tag from around $18,690 for new. You’d be hard pressed to find a new caravan or mobile home with such a low price anywhere on the market.

So stop googling ‘caravan sales Perth’. Start gathering your tourist destinations and meet the J-Pod up close and personal. Caravanland, the popular team for caravan sales in Perth are ready to make the introductions when the adventure bug bites.