Australia’s Ultimate Road Trip: Highway 1

Map of Australia

Ready to take your road trip to the next level? Journey along Australia’s Highway 1. Known as the longest highway in the world, this epic road trip is bound to take you at least a few weeks. With even the shortest sections almost a 1000km drive, Highway 1 is an exciting challenge for serious adventure seekers. If you begin your journey in Australia’s west, expect several hundreds of kilometres between food, fuel and water. You’ll need to be fully stocked and prepared for everything, making a caravan or motorhome from Jayco Caravanland ideal.

Take in the panoramic views of the vast Australian landscape as you journey on the ultimate road trip.

Perth to Darwin

One of the lengthiest legs of the trip, towns are far and wide from Perth to Darwin. Make sure you’re fully stocked and prepared as you make your way up to the tropics.

Darwin to Cairns

Remaining in the tropics, take in the rainforests and scenery as you drive across to Cairns. Experience the laid-back lifestyle and explore the incredible views as your journey takes you over east.

Cairns to Brisbane

Heading down towards the south east coast, experience bustling city life and exciting coastal living in Brisbane and the surrounding region. Fashion, culture, food and entertainment collide to make Brisbane one of the most exciting Australian cities.

Brisbane to Sydney

Make your way down to Sydney and get ready to experience city life at its craziest. From busy roads and peak hour madness through to crowded shopping centres and bustling hidden gem restaurants, Sydney has something for everyone.

Sydney to Melbourne

Head down Princes Highway and journey from Sydney to Melbourne. Stretch out this leg to three or four days to take in all the sights of the south coast. From native wildlife and flora through to white sand beaches and even whales, take it slow as you make your way to Australia’s coffee capital.

Melbourne to Adelaide

Follow the coastline along to Geelong and head over to Warrnambool. As you’re so close to one of Australia’s most scenic drives, why not take a side trip along the Great Ocean Road? Once you’re done, follow the road to continue to Adelaide.

Adelaide to Perth

From Adelaide to Perth, stop over at one of the many small towns to experience life in regional Australia. On the way back to Perth, experience the 150km stretch of straight road and journey far without even one single curve.

Stop and Stay Wherever You Want

Want extra time in your favourite locations? Stop and stay for as long as you want in your caravan or motorhome. Cook, sleep, relax and entertain with all the comforts of home right with you. Hungry? Cook a meal in your kitchen. Sleepy? Set up your comfy bed for night of rest. Bored? Open up some games and activities inside your caravan or under a shelter to enjoy your road trip the way you want.

The Best Motorhomes in Australia

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