5 Things to Look Out for in a Second Hand Caravan

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Buying a second hand caravan is a good way to go on your dream luxury holiday without going over-budget by buying a brand-new caravan. There are many used caravans for sale out there, but you need to be very careful when deciding on which one to trust. Your future caravan must work properly and be safe as you will rely on it during your trips. Safety is the number one priority and that includes not only the mechanical capabilities of the second hand caravan, but also the condition of the inside.

Here are our top things to look out for in a 2nd-hand caravan:

No Rust, Cracks or Mould

First thing to look for is if there is any rust (especially under the caravan), cracks or mould. It is crucial you pay attention to these issues because they are expensive to fix. In the long term they can ruin your caravan, turning it from a home into scrap metal on wheels. Your money could be wasted.

No Dents

Dents can be a sign of structural damage. Check the roof and make sure to examine the caravan carefully from every angle. If you find any scrapes or dents, determine if they are signs of a bigger problem or only an aesthetic imperfection.

Electrical Wiring All Working

If your caravan wiring is not properly working, this can be a very expensive problem to fix. The wiring must comply with Australian standards, which will be proven with a Caravan Installation Test Certificate sticker.

Working Appliances

The main reason you’ll want to buy a caravan is for the comfort that it offers. Comfort comes with the appliances incorporated in its design. If something does not work, you will be back at square one deciding if you will live and travel without it, or if you will spend money to fix it. The tricky part is, repairing a non-functioning appliance can be surprisingly expensive.

Working Safety Features

Have a careful audit done on the safety features of the used caravan you are thinking about buying. Without safety there is no comfort, in the physical or psychological meaning of the word. Some of the safety features you need to look for are working electric brake controllers, shock absorbers, suspension and jockey wheels.

In addition to all of these, you should pay attention to the gas and water systems of your caravan. The condition and the capacity of the water tank is of vital importance.

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