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Welcome to The Toy Shop! At Caravanland, we don’t just sell you a caravan and send you on your merry way; we also provide caravan spare parts and accessories at our Toy Shop. We stock all the big brands and can order in anything that’s not already on our shelves. Perth’s largest range of Jayco spare parts and accessories reside in The Toy Shop, and we pride ourselves on being your one-stop shop for all those caravan and RV needs.

The Basics

Our Starter Pack is an excellent option for those who’ve just invested in their first Jayco caravan. It includes a drink supply hose, waste water hose and fittings, and a power cord. Easy! From there, we suggest our range of non-breakable kitchen accessories, our Briggs and Stratton generators – because power should never be a problem – and picking up shades and covers to keep you and your caravan safe from sun damage.

We have security accessories, such as locks and wheel clamps for those of you keen to up the ante with safety, and for accessibility our range of steps and levelling ramps are just the ticket. If you’re keen to keep up the laundry routine on the road, pick up one of our clotheslines, and for those wanting extra confidence on the open road, we’ve got just the thing for you with our selection of towing mirrors.

Making it a Home

Most of our Caravanland clients set out to transform their caravans and RVs into homes away from home. Our Jayco caravans are all customisable, which means any specialised goods you invest in from The Toy Shop will fit and plug in to your new caravan. Off on a lengthy adventure? Pick up a washing machine, portable toilet, and a generator to ensure you’re always powered up. For the chefs amongst you, The Toy Shop is fully stocked with unbreakable glassware, melamine dinner sets, popup kitchen accessories, and high quality cookware. We also sell Weber BBQ’s for those of you keen to grill on the road. Whoever said camping meant roughing it needs to have a word with us!

For the Luxurious Caravanners

About to set off on the journey of a lifetime or your dream honeymoon? We’ll go above and beyond to ensure your Jayco caravan is decked out with all the bells and whistles. Talk to our friendly Toy Shop staff about one of our Joolca portable hot water systems, a flat screen television, or setting ups a high-powered satellite dish to equip you with every luxury on the road. Why not install LED lighting in your van or solar panels on the roof to utilise renewable energy? The sky’s the limit! Pick up a towing mirror to make things easier on your designated driver, and grab a pack of non-breakable champagne glasses so every day of your adventure is a celebration.

Ask about our newest Jayco Merchandise range to discover what you can add to your brand new Jayco caravan.

Caravanland’s Toy Shop boasts a huge range of accessories and spare parts, alongside a team of experienced staff who can advise you on the best additions or accessories for your caravan, whatever your budget. Drop by The Toy Shop for all your caravan and RV needs today!

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