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Hitting the open road with a Jayco caravan in tow is the best way to see Australia’s natural wonders, small towns, and endless coastline.

Remember that Western Australian roads can be long, straight, and surrounded by animals whose mothers never taught them to look both ways before crossing. There are also countless road trains, winding gravel roads, and sudden changes in weather to look out for.

Paying attention to caravan safety means an enjoyable trip for everyone, and lucky for you all it takes is a few simple steps.

Caravanland want you to get where you’re going safely. Check out our team’s safety tips, including all the caravan accessories you need for your next adventure.


Caravan Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your caravan is important even when you don’t have a trip planned. Before you head out on the road, have a mechanic fix any issues on your car and caravan so you can be sure everything is ready to roll. Here are a few things you can keep an eye on during the trip:

  • Tyres: regularly check the pressure on all your tyres, and watch out for debris that could cause a puncture. Taking an air compressor doesn’t hurt either!
  • Oil and water: keeping your fluids up in the outback is important for you and your vehicles
  • Brakes: watch for overheating and worn brake pads on long drives
  • Mirrors: by law, you need to be able to see at least 20 metres behind whatever you’re towing; that could mean you need caravan accessories like towing mirrors

Safety on the Road

Compatibility and Weight

Compatibility is key to caravan safety. Understanding the towing capacity of your car is the first step, and making sure your caravan stays firmly attached is essential at all times.

We will help you choose the caravan and hitch system that is compatible with your car, show you how to check the couplings and safety chain, and give you tips on proper load distribution for safe towing.

If you’re not 100% confident towing your new motorhome, we recommend getting a few lessons before you hit the road. You’re never too old to learn new tricks!

Caravan Accessorise for Safety

The right couplings, strong pins, and load distribution all play a large role in keeping you safe on the road. Before you leave our dealership we will get you fitted with all the caravan supplies from the Caravanland Toyshop that you need to be safe on the road:

  • Fire extinguisher and fire blanket for the car and caravan
  • Smoke alarm
  • Wheel locks
  • Treg pins
  • Trailer locks
  • Unbreakable kitchenware
  • Storage containers
  • Straps and tie downs

Before you hitch your caravan and get going, pay a visit to the Caravanland Toyshop to stock up on the safety essentials. There are some caravan accessories you can’t go without – if you’re not sure, just ask our friendly team for help. Caravanland want you to be as safe as possible on the wide open road.

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