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25 ways to protect your caravan from the weather this winter

While caravans are a great holiday maker all year round, many of us prefer to do our traveling in summer. This often means that our caravans go unused over the winter months. While caravans are inherently durable to some extent, it’s still important to take the time to give your caravan proper care, and protect it in the winter months. Get started with these 25 handy ways to care for your caravan this winter.

1. Jack it up – This takes the pressure off the tyres while the caravan is not in use. When a caravan is left stationary for a long period (like over winter), the tyres are put under a lot of pressure, which can be very damaging.

2. Empty the toilet – This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s easy to forget. Make sure your waste tank is emptied and cleaned out. This will prevent any nasty smells developing during winter and will help your caravan stay fresh

3. Caravan cover – Make sure you invest in a quality cover to protect the caravan exterior from the winter elements. A good cover is breathable, this will prevent condensation and mould growth

4. Wheel covers – Even in winter there can be strong UV outside which will deteriorate your wheels over time.

5. Grease the trailer hitches – Once you’ve finished your travels in the summer or spring time, be sure to grease the trailer hitches and bearings. For best results, this should be done before winter sets in

6. Remove soft furnishings – Winter is a great opportunity to get curtains and soft furniture dry cleaned. As well as adding to the overall appearance of your caravan, this prevents any mould accruing from condensation within the caravan.

7. Air it out – Perth has plenty of fine and sunny winter days. These are a great opportunity to give your caravan a good airing. This will ensure the air stays fresh and your caravan will be ready to use when summer rolls around again

8. Battery – It’s easy to forget about your battery over winter. Start by storing it in a cool dry place to keep it in good condition. It’s also a good idea to check it regularly and top up its charge levels when necessary

9. Awnings – To keep your awnings looking great and staying functional, use the winter break to detach, clean and store your awnings in a dry, safe place.

10. Position – Be aware of how you’re planning to park your caravan for the winter. It’s a good idea to avoid parking it under trees where branches may pose a hazard, or too close to the curb side.

11. Water filters – Before the cooler days even start, it’s a good idea to remove water filters to prevent any water held in them from freezing and potentially damaging the unit.

12. Gas bottle – While your caravan is not in use it’s important to remove the gas cylinders and place them in a cool, ventilated place.

13. Coat towing – To keep your electronics with water inhibited products, such as Vaseline, safe and functional, you’ll need to take the time over winter to coat tow them

14. Flush the water systems – Ensure your water storage is maintained at a level that it doesn’t dry out and bugs can’t get into the tanks. Water should also be flushed before using the caravan again

15. Fridge – As soon as you’ve finished using your caravan for the season, clean out your fridge and cabinets. Getting rid of any perishables as soon as possible will avoid any nasty smells and ensure your caravan remains bug free

16. Heating – drain your caravan’s water heater. How to do this will vary between caravans, so have a look at your instructions to make sure you do this properly.

17. Security – To keep your belongings safe, make sure you remove anything of value from your caravan

18. Seal windows – To avoid water and bugs entering your caravan while you’re not using it, it’s important to check if the seals need replacing

19. Blinds – Make sure all the blinds and flyscreens are fully retracted to avoid damage to the springs

20. Check under the van – if you caused any damage to the caravan over the summer trip – this is the perfect time to get it serviced and fixed.

21. Maintenance – Don’t just leave it for a few months, make sure you are consistently checking the caravan is still in running condition. Setting reminders in your calendar at the beginning of winter is a great way to make sure you’re being consistent with your care.

22. Secure your caravan – Check that you’re using the correct wheel clamps and chocks to secure your caravan in place

23. Ventilation – Leave vents uncovered so air can circulate inside the caravan. We’d recommend visiting the caravan regularly while it’s in storage over the winter months.

24. Clean – Give the interior a thorough clean to ensure your next trip kicks off well, without the worry.

25. Check your insurance – Have you got the level of caravan storm/weather protection you need? This is always worth checking to avoid major and unexpected costs from weather damage.

Taking care of your caravan over winter means you’ll enjoy it even more over summer. For more tips on how to get the very most out of your caravan, come and see the experts at Caravan Land.

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