Motorhomes VS Caravans - What's Right For Me?


Are you looking at investing in your first caravan or motorhome, but aren’t sure which one is right for you? Don’t worry, the Caravanland team are here to help. First off, it’s important to know the major difference between a motorhome and caravan. Motorhomes are, as they sound, a home on wheels. They are a van and a car in one; no car or towing required! Caravans come in several different forms and models, and must be attached to the tow bar of your car. Still not sure which will work for you? Here’s a few questions to deliberate over during your decision-making process.

What are your adventure plans?

Are you planning on heading out on a wild road trip that includes a bunch of off-roading and/or tricky routes? Or is your preferred style of travel a little more attuned to the wide-open road? Motorhomes – like our Jayco Conquest model – are generally better suited to travellers that aren’t overly keen on heading off road; they are a little bulkier and don’t operate as efficiently on dirt tracks. Rest assured, there are still plenty of types of caravans that are great for those who are a little more adventurous.

If you’re thinking about convenience, it’s important to remember that caravans need to be hitched up to your car and potentially assembled and disassembled throughout your trip. Motorhomes are a little more convenient in this arena, as you can simply park them and go; it’s a home on wheels with little fuss. However, when it comes to buying a caravan you must also have a car with a tow bar that can tow the weight of your new van – convenience means something different to everyone.

Do you have a budget in mind?

Understandably, motorhomes generally have a higher price tag than their caravan counterparts. When you buy a motorhome, you aren’t just buying a place to set up camp each night – you’re also buying a car to bring along with it. We know that price is always a factor when buying your first (or second, or third!) caravan or motorhome, so we recommend that you either come up with a price range before dropping by our showroom or chatting to one of our experienced staff to get some ballpark figures on particular motorhomes or vans.

Do you need extras?

You can deck out both a caravan and a motorhome with lots of customisable extras and add-ons. However, motorhomes often already have those extras built in. For example, our Optimum model has everything from a bed and kitchen, to a washing machine and satellite television on board. If you’re looking for a van that is ready to roll, our motorhomes might be right for you – but if you’re looking for something that you can just add bits and pieces to, a caravan will be ideal.

You may have a clearer idea now of whether you are on the lookout for the perfect motorhome or caravan. We understand that it’s a big decision, which is why we encourage customers to take a look at our different models and talk with an experienced salesperson to discuss personal preferences.

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