15 Essential Road Trip Items Checklist To A Happy Getaway

15-essential-travel-itemsThese Handy Travel Items Will Make Your Next Road Trip Easier.

Whether you’re headed on a cross country road trip adventure, or heading down south for the weekend, you’ll need to be prepared. A weekend a way, a month on the road, possibly even longer, these are the essentials you won’t want to leave behind.

Here we completed a survey, and the result was a list of the 15 things most people include in their road trip pack. We think this list gives a little bit of everything and will be helpful anytime that you need to get away.

15 Travel Items That Help You:

  1. First aid kit

Little accidents and mishaps happen all the time, but when you’re on the road you may not be able to access a pharmacy, or even a convenience store as easily as you would in the city. That’s why it’s best to stock up on basic medications, Band-Aids, long life icepacks, insect repellent and aloe vera before setting off. If you take any prescribed medication, make sure you’re covered for the journey or arrange an appointment with your doctor beforehand.

  1. Torch

Even if you’re doing all your driving during the day and plan to stay in powered campsites, you never know when you’ll find yourself plunged into darkness. It’ll be a lot easier on yourself and your travel companions if you’ve got a torch ready to go, even for the shortest of blackouts.

  1. Sun protection

Slip, slap, slop. Sun cream, hat, sunglasses and protective clothing are all must haves. One of the great joys of hitting the open road out of Perth in your campervan is having so much time outside, but if you don’t take care of your skin you’ll be in for an uncomfortable holiday dealing with sunburn. Not to mention the long-term risks of leaving your skin exposed to sun damage.

  1. Travel games

When you’re away from your TV and other homely electronics you’ll find you might need something else to wind down after a day of exploring. Taking cards or board games are great ways to keep yourself entertained and enjoy your holiday.

  1. Rope

You may not think you need this one, but it comes in handy when you least expect it. For example, you might find you need some extra hanging space and create a make shift clothesline. Alternatively if some wild weather or rocky roads hit your campervan, you might need to tie some things down. In any case, it always pays to be prepared.

  1. A map

While Google Maps has made campervan adventures more accessible than ever, it still isn’t fool proof for dirt roads and you never know when you might loose signal. To avoid getting off course, invest in a WA map book, or if you’re just covering a small area, you will be able to get local maps that will help you out just in case technology fails. A good map works well with a compass, for those not wanting technology to take over a road trip.

  1. Spares

Even the most reliable campervans have issues or small faults pop up from time to time. Many of these can be easily fixed by carrying some simple spares with you. Oil, a jerry can, water for the wind screen wipers and a spare tyre are good places to start.

  1. Music

There’s no radio reception in the bush! A playlist will help pass the time and be a fun addition to any road trip. Travel companions can take turns making playlists, or get the kids to help pick some tunes if you’re travelling as a family.

  1. Snacks

You never know when hunger will strike, and it could be more than an hour from the next service station. Keep your energy up by taking some healthy snacks along.

  1. Chargers for your car

Most of your personal electronics will have adapters available that can be connected in your car. Buying car chargers for your GPS, phone and iPod will ensure you don’t have a flat battery when you need your device the most.

  1. Water, water, water

This may seem line an obvious one, but it can be easy to forget. You, your travel companions and even your car could be in need of water if you break down, so make sure you have a reserve supply.

  1. Esky

Many people like to bring food and drinks from home along with them on the road. The best way to keep them fresh is to take a good esky with plenty of ice along with you.

  1. Toilet paper

It’s hard to stay when and where your toilet stops will be once you hit the open road. So playing it safe and taking along your own toilet paper is definitely your best option.

  1. Pocket Knife

Whether you need tweezers, to open a bottle or can or even just cut something – a good pocket knife has a lot of uses when you’re camping.

  1. Camera

Even if you’re taking your phone, if you want to create high quality images to capture your trip you’ll want to bring along a camera too.

To ensure you have a drama free trip, be sure to use our checklist. The RV lifestyle is not for everyone, but if you think you might adjust and could see yourself cruising in a Jayco camper see how others are enjoying their RV lifestyle.



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