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Why Caravans Are Perfect For A Young Family

Australia’s great outdoors offers more adventure, escape, and relaxation than you can fit into one lifetime. One of the best parts about growing up in Western Australia is our seemingly endless road trip opportunities. Introducing your family to their own backyard in comfort is easy and incredibly affordable with a Jayco caravan.

One caravan, dozens of holidays

Let’s face it, everyone in your family has different ideas of what makes a holiday. You can probably name the adventure seeker, the relaxer, the photographer, and the do-nothing-er within your own little tribe. Finding an overseas holiday to suit everyone involves a series of compromises and normally a very expensive hotel – why not choose the alternative, and give the whole family an unforgettable trip without spending a fortune?

Affordable family holidays – no passport needed

Buying a new or second hand Jayco caravan gives you the ultimate holiday flexibility without leaving Western Australia. You can explore stunning Coral Coast, seek out unique wildlife in the immense outback, take in some of the oldest and most stunning landforms in the Pilbara and Kimberley, or indulge in luxurious treats while meandering through majestic forests in our South West and Great Southern.


Where to next? In a Jayco caravan, you can go wherever you want!

An overseas family holiday can easily cost more than $5,000 once you factor in airfares, accommodation, car rental or transport, and food – and that’s before you even see or do anything!

When you take a caravan on the road you eliminate the cost of airfares straight away, saving you a huge chunk of the upfront cost.

Then when you consider the cost of campsites at less than $50 a night, and the fact most of the experiences on the road are free, you can easily have multiple WA holidays for the price of a single overseas trip.

The perfect setting, wherever you are

The great outdoors is the ideal place to reconnect, by disconnecting. The range of Jayco caravans have plenty of options for families who want to leave the bitumen behind, and venture to locations where the whole family will forget about their mobile phones.

Check out the Jayco Outback upgrade to camper trailers if you are thinking of going off the beaten track. Or if you are planning on being away from home for a while, Jayco Starcraft and Silverline caravans have configurations that sleep up to 6 people without skimping on any of the conveniences of home. For couples or smaller families, you might even choose to go the self-contained route with a Jayco motorhome; the all-in-one transportability is perfect for hitting the road in comfort and style.

Whether you choose to take in WA’s best caravan trips one at a time or several at once is completely up to you; Jayco caravans from Caravanland give you the independence to take life at your own pace, from weekend getaways to month-long holidays and extended trips around Australia.

Get in touch today to book a viewing, where you can ask our friendly team all the questions you like about your future home-on-wheels. Or check out our range of new and used Jayco caravans right here on our website! Caravanland have all the mobile homes and accessories in one place, with Perth’s most knowledgeable team to help you out.

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