Caravanland and Jayco: The Perfect Partnership

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If you’re thinking of buying a campervan, caravan or other recreational vehicle, then you’re not alone.  Ownership in Australia is on the increase, with nationwide registrations peaking at an annual high of 615,301 as of January 2016, according to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

What’s more, stats confirm that WA is a state that loves their caravans (tell us something we don’t know), with Mandurah containing the largest concentration of registered recreational vehicles of any place in the country.

Caravanland is a national dealership authorised to offer Jayco vehicles; they’re a family-owned, fun loving business based in Beckenham, Perth, and there’s nothing they love more than helping customers find their dream van.

Why Caravanland is the Right Choice

Jayco is one of the nation’s most loved recreational vehicle brands, having built their reputation on quality, trust and affordability, and Caravanland is proud to be WA’s authorised dealership. 160,000 Jayco vans have been built over the past 40 years, with the first one coming to fruition in 1975.

Why Choose Jayco Campervans?

As one of Australia’s most trusted brands, anyone in Australia buying a Jayco van can rest assured they’re getting fantastic value for money, and Caravanland goes the extra mile to offer you more for less. Jayco vans are designed and manufactured in Australia, so they come locked, loaded and ready for the country’s terrain and climate.


A twelve-month warranty is offered on all Jayco vans, which should offer any prospective buyer peace of mind, and nationwide support is available at 100 bases around the country. Better yet, a lifetime warranty exists on all roof lifter systems for Jayco camper trailers.

J Tech Suspension

If you’re travelling around Australia and crossing thousands of miles of ground, you need to know your caravan, campervan or trailer can withstand extreme, and often temperamental, weather conditions. Jayco spent two years developing a suspension program to ensure their vans can tackle extreme motoring.  The J Tech Suspension ensures a smoother ride, better handling and increased ground clearance without adding extra ride height.

 Jayco Tough Frame

The Jayco body is sturdy and consists of a tough vacuum bonded frame, which is far superior to conventional aluminium cladded caravans and campervans.  The shell itself is constructed using fiberglass, polypropylene and polystyrene foam to increase lightness and improve insulation and prevent any damage from hail or flicked stones. 

Jayco Endurance Chassis 

The chassis of any Jayco van is lightweight, galvanised for increased longevity and of superior strength to prevent corrosion.

Reliable Power

The power supply on all the Jayco RV’s is designed to provide reliability. The Setec power convertor provides a safe 12V supply from 240V mains and delivers generous lighting. It can adapt to patchy inconsistent supplies in remote areas. An in-built charger is available for an auxiliary battery and additional accessories are available from The Toy Shop at Caravanland.

Roadside Assistance and Support

Purchase any Jayco vehicle from Caravanland and receive 3 years’ complimentary roadside assistance, which means you have the support of emergency recovery services in case of any break down or faults.

High Resale Value

When buying any van, people always consider resale value.  With Jayco, you won’t be disappointed. With such an established reputation, it won’t lose much value when the time comes to replace it.

Why Caravanland for Jayco

Caravanland is a family run business, based in Beckenham, Perth with more than 20 years’ experience in selling caravans and campervans, trailers and motorhomes.  Making any new large purchase is an important decision and their team can provide advice and specialist knowledge on the complete Jayco range.  There’s also a variety of finance options to suit your requirements, so why not give them a call today? Contact (08) 9311 7333 or email [email protected] for more information.

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