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Are you gearing up to head out on the adventure of a lifetime? From RVs to pop tops to pods, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to buying your first caravan. You just want to pack up that van, crank up the tunes, and adventure out on the great open road; but first comes a big decision – which caravan to settle on. That’s where Caravanland comes in: we’re on hand to help you find the perfect Jayco caravan for your big trip. Let’s look at the three big questions you should be asking yourself before you swing by and chat to one of our caravan experts.

What are your plans?

You likely already have an ideal journey or two in mind for your future caravan, maybe even a bucket list trip you’re ready to embark on. Perhaps you’re planning a road trip around the country during a gap year, brainstorming something more luxurious for your honeymoon, or dreaming up an indulgent coastal getaway. At Caravanland, we have a Jayco caravan for every occasion; just ask us! If you’re searching for something you can easily tow behind the car on your road trip, without compromising on inside space, our pop top caravans are a popular option. If you want something a little more luxurious or detailed – a home away from home – then why not opt for one of our decked out Jayco caravans.

What’s your price range?

We know that price is a deciding factor when purchasing your first caravan. Here at Caravanland, we recommend establishing your budget before dropping by to check out our Jayco range, to ensure we advise on the best priced vans for you. If you’re after an affordable caravan for just yourself and a partner, or to accommodate a young family, we recommend our awesome camper trailers – the ideal first van due to its price tag and size. If you’re looking for something more casual, to hook up to your towbar and sleep in overnight, we recommend the J-Pods. They’re perfect for a hassle-free adventure, with a comfy double bed inside and optional roof racks to strap up your bikes.

Are you looking for extras?

Our Jayco caravans come equipped with everything you need for a good night’s sleep. But that doesn’t mean you won’t want a few shiny extras and accessories; that’s why all our caravans are customisable. If you’ve decided on one of our camper trailers, why not add a slide-out BBQ, or even a compact shower to avoid the campsite queues? If it’s a J-Pod you’ve chosen, talk to your Caravanland salesperson about bike rack additions or an extra tent for when a few others come along. For those seeking a little more luxury and investing in a Jayco caravan, why not up the ante and add a satellite dish so you’re decked out with every home comfort on the road. Spoiler alert – you won’t have to miss any of your favourite shows. We even offer solar panels if you’re a fan of sustainable travel.

By now you probably have a clearer idea of what you’re looking for in your caravan. Book a viewing online today, or head down to our showroom to chat to a Jayco caravan sales expert about your big adventure, and how we can help.

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