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Caravans are the vehicle of choice for thousands of silver nomads in Australia. Silver nomads, you might be asking? They’re couples or perhaps singles over a certain age who’ve left the daily grind of working life behind and are ready to embrace adventure. For silver nomads, investing in a caravan is almost a rite of passage, a great way to see the country from the comfort of a home that moves with you.

Buying an RV is a personal choice, and it all comes down to what mod-cons you’re looking for, how comfortable you feel driving the vehicle, and your budget. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your old RV or invest in your first Jayco caravan, there are a few different ways to approach your decision.


For some, value for money will be the biggest drawcard when investing in a Jayco caravan. Perhaps you’ve got a fairly strict budget in mind, you’re after something that doesn’t guzzle too much fuel, or you just want a van that gets you from point A to B and stay in good nick. At Caravanland, all of our RVs are excellent value for money, and we pride ourselves on providing the best service and advice possible.

The Starcraft Caravan or Conquest Motorhome are very popular amongst silver nomads who are looking for a high quality van that doesn’t compromise when it comes to affordability. The Starcraft features a kitchenette, complete with a rangehood and microwave, a double bed, dining space, and plenty of room to move. The Conquest can sleep up to four people and comes in five different options, combining life on the road with the luxuries of home.


Some silver nomads look for something a little luxurious when choosing a van. Maybe money isn’t too much of an issue, or you’re looking for something that has modern extras and features to play around with. Our Silverline caravan is incredibly popular with those looking for comfort and luxury, including a full ensuite, dressing table and washing machine, and a large double bed.

The Optimum Motorhome is another luxury option, a vehicle that offers ample space, a kitchen and pantry, double bed and ensuite, television and stereo, and plenty of options and variations to choose from.

No matter what type of motor home or caravan you are looking to invest in, as soon as you purchase a Jayco RV, you’ll be given a full induction and handover to ensure you’re across all the features and options before you hit the road.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller already living a nomadic lifestyle, or an occasional holidaymaker searching for a van that will be just as happy on the open road as it is in the shed, Caravanland has what you need. Our experienced team are ready and able to chat to you about our full range so that you can make an informed decision – and we know that you need to do your research before you sign the dotted line.

Take a look at our website to get a feel for our range, and then head into our showroom or give us a ring to chat about your needs.

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