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Spring has well and truly sprung, and it’s the perfect time to get outside and smell the flowers after being cooped up all winter.

Tourism Western Australia has given their take on the best wild flower locations to visit around WA and we have to agree. Here’s our take on where you and your caravan should be travelling this spring.

Esperance Wildflower Trail

Esperance is a beautiful destination all year round, but the wildflowers make spring an amazing time to take to the great south. On your drive to Esperance and Bremer Bay you’ll be led through the wildflower country. If you’re keen to see more of these unique sites, venture deeper into the Great Western Woodlands, an area of biological richness considered as internationally significant as Africa’s Serengeti. To make the very most of your trip, plan to go between September and November.

Goldfields Wildflower trail

If you take the opportunity to drive between Merredin, Kalgoorlie and Menzies this spring, you’ll be rewarded with views of some of our planet’s most precious natural man-made wonders.

Start your trip with a visit to the world’s largest and healthiest temperate forest, the Great Western Woodlands. From September to November the woodlands fill with blooms, creating one of the biggest wild flower displays on earth.

Granite Look Wildflower Trail

When you think of the Wheatbelt, you may not immediately think of wildflowers – but it’s time to reconsider. The drive from Perth to Toodyay will take you through a granite landscape trail with mammoth rocks rising out of the vast plains and filled with an incredible variety of spring wildflowers, as well as native birdlife. With wandoo and eucalypt bush land surrounding the area, it’s truly an unforgettable site.

Everlasting wildflower trail

With looks just as beautiful and enticing as its name – the Everlasting Wildflower Trail will take you to come of Western Australia’s most spectacular wildflower hotspots. Iconic blankets of white, pink and yellow stretch on and on to create one of the most stunning visual spectacles our state has to offer. This trail also boasts a slightly longer season. With blooms from June to September, you’ll be able to take your motor home or caravan to explore this amazing region to your heart’s content.

Northern Explored Wildflower Trail

Take the iconic journey from the stunning Kalbarri to the World Heritage-listed Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef. You’ll see the dunes in a totally different light as they’re covered in beautiful wildflowers. Even in Spring the water is a beautiful, vivid turquoise – providing an amazing contrast against the varied vibrancy of the wild flowers. An endless carpet of pink, white and yellow will span out in front of you. To catch this northern trail at its best, make sure you head up between June and September.

Cape Range Wildflower trail

In Cape Range alone, you’ll be treated to over 630 varieties of wildflowers. The bursts of colour contrast beautifully with the rugged red gorges and make for an amazing and unforgettable visit. You’ll also be close to the iconic, dazzling blue of the Ningaloo Reef. If you’re a four-wheel driver, this is truly the region for you, there are plenty of areas to explore and off-road caravans will be treated to a unique adventure.

Pilbara Wildflower trail

The Pilbara is a great destination for off road caravaners, motor home lovers and anyone looking for a relaxing get away. Known for its diverse and dramatic landscapes, the region offers something for everyone. A visit to the two billion-year-old George country of Karijini is an absolute must-do on every itinerary. For those who can take a trip between March and October, you’ll be treated to vibrant floral shows contrasted with red cliffs, pindan dunes and golden plains as the wild flowers bloom in mass numbers.

Taking a caravan or motorhome around Western Australia is truly one of the best ways to see this beautiful state. At Perth Caravanland, we have heaps of motorhomes for sale as well as off road caravans. Make sure you come in and see us when you’re ready to start your next adventure.

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